A warm winter afternoon. A bustling coffee shop. Four strangers. One love interest.
And style. And design. And celebrity goss. And, ok let’s shut up.
But that’s how The Hanger Tales came into being!
A million meetings, a thousand discussions, a hundred disagreements but more ‘oh I love that dress too’s, and much more fun and just a little more enthusiasm to bring to the girls (well, boys too) of the world our take on the deeply explored yet unexplored cosmos of fashion and style.
At the end of that never-ending Monday or after a bitter fight with your boyfriend or on a perfectly happy day, we wish to get your stylish grin back with our stories.
The pretty princess, the I-couldn’t-care-less tomboy, the lazy bum, the-Chanel-lover or the street trotter, we have got a tale of style, make-up as well as drooling-over-the-beefcakes stories for y’all. And yes, you men, we haven’t forgotten you!
            So sit back, sip your cuppa coffee and rest assured! No more style fails! The Hanger Tales.

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