Smart Swaps for Spendy Makeup

blog_logoHands up if you’re totally addicted to make-up – our hands are definitely raised high. We love trying new products, checking out the latest colors, and splurging on a purchase every now and then. After all, if you wear make-up every day, you want the best stuff out there.

Unfortunately, our budget doesn’t always agree. And while we do admit that there are a few things we splurge on (quality mascara and foundation are  must-haves), we’ve learned that you don’t need to spend big bucks on pricey designer make-up when other products out there are just as good – if not better.

Who doesn’t love a bargain? While we can afford to splurge on  make-up items every now and then, we love to grab a cheaper dupe (or near-dupe) of a more expensive splurge.

Check out this list of budget-friendly make-up dupes to find inexpensive alternatives to all of your favourite high-end cosmetics!

We would love to hear about your make up dupes as well….








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