Must Have Shoes For Men

blog_logoShoes! They can bring a lot of confusion along with them. And we at The Hanger Tales know how troublesome they can be specially for men.
We know that you men love shoes as much as any woman out there, if not more. But you still don’t know which are the ones that are an absolute must to have.
Well here’s the your perfect guide of shoe must haves, to take all those shoe anxieties away. Read along to also know how and where to also wear them.


For starters, never wear them with socks! Loafers look best when you’re trying that semi- formal look, maybe like a Sunday brunch. They go really well with ankle-length chinos.


Mocassins/Slip Ons
Just that perfect shoe for those long walks on a holiday. These look so comfortable and stylish. They go really well with knee length shorts an even your regular pair of jeans. Just remember, never to wear them with socks too.


Classic Formals
We hope no man should ever have to do without these, as these can easily be called the sexy shoes. These shoes are the trickiest, as it’s so easy to go wrong with them. A basic black pair is good enough but it’ll be the perfect world if you can get yourself a brown one too.


Planning a boys night or a movie night? Well these are the perfect casual shoes and go best with anything from jeans to chinos to those shorts.


Ankle- Length Boots
These are a must have for those cold winter mornings. They go extremely well with skinny or well fit jeans. Style them with a loose cardigan and yes you can look like Ryan Gosling.


Have you been planning to hit the gym for the longest time? We think the motivation comes from super comfortable and cool trainers. These are a must in every man’s wardrobe. Go on wear them with those basket ball shorts or tracks.


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