Fashion Flashback

blog_logoHistory tends to repeat itself—and the saying definitely holds true in the beauty world!
Kareena Kapoor’s edgy wine lipstick and Taylor Swift’s sultry cat eye -liner may seem new, but the trends that inspired them are as classic as Audrey Hepburn’s Top Knot.
These retro fashion trends were awesome to start with and could be even better the second time around. Fashion has a habit of being cyclical, and old trends often find their way back into modern closets. So when it comes to70s, 80s and 90s trends that has made a comeback, here’s a look at a few fun fads worth reviving.
Bring them back!


Sayonara smoky eyes! There’s a new dramatic lid in town. Cat-eye makeup has caught on with celebrities like Taylor Swift, Anushka Sharma, Emma Stone for its pretty, powerful vibe. This crafty liner has become the new go-to for a glamorous face because it makes an impact and is super-simple to pull off.


This fashion staple of farmers isn’t very figure-flattering, but it sure is comfortable. So what’s the best thing about overalls? There’s no waistband, of course! Overalls could be sexed-up with a belly-baring baby tee, and you could make them look even less farmer-ish by undoing one strap.


Super comfortable block heels and wedges have traveled from the 70’s and kind of decided they like it here so in case you’ve missed your chance to get a pair of 70’s looking boots of shoes, don’t repeat the same mistake when shopping for a new pair of sandals. As sexy as they were, block heels haven’t been the most comfortable choice so, if I really must take my pick, I’d say this is the best trend comeback of 2013-2014.


It has been decades since she debuted her tiara-adorned updo in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, but Audrey Hepburn’s timeless style choices continue to inspire the looks of today. Once-upon-a-time the topknot was the tresses trend of choice for those in the know. And while they’ve been languishing in style exile for a while now, it seems the top knot is officially back with a bang.


Red-wine-lovers, this beauty trend is for you! Deep Bordeaux lipsticks had a serious moment on the fall and winter runways, but the wine lip trend was popular as early as the 1920s and ’30s, spotted on stars like Clara Bow. The colour is a dead ringer but it seems red wine lipstick is having a renaissance in 2014 as stars step out in the seasonal shade.


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