Must Have Make-up Tools


Achieving a flawless face isn’t just about the makeup, but how it’s applied. Beautiful and flawless makeup starts with using the right makeup tools! The right tools make makeup application easier and it also creates a seamless and flawless makeup finish.

As a makeup beginner, your makeup bag is bursting with makeup and it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the plethora of different brushes available for all sorts of uses, but to get the most out of your cosmetics collection, you need the right tools for the job. We are going to break down the essential tools you should start your collection with and what to use them for. Take a look. They just might have a place in your makeup bag!


This fluffy eye shadow brush isn’t just smart for applying your eye color accurately, but preserving it. If you put fingers in your eye shadow, then you add moisture to it from your fingers, and that causes your shadow to become packed and cakey.


It’s multi-purpose as it can be used on your lashline for eyeliner and your brow to fill it in. Plus it is the most user-friendly of the eyeliner brushes due to its easy-to-maneuverer slanted angle.


With this brush, you get double for your money! This dual ended brush has a spoolie on one end allowing you to brush through your brows. The other end has an angled brush which is ideal for effortlessly filling in your brows.


You can simply use your fingers for applying foundation, makeup artists tend to use fingers for a natural application. However, if you have a stick foundation or other more consistent foundations you might want to use a foundation brush.


You only need one multi-task brush to apply powder, blush and bronzer. The brush should definitely be soft, dense and not bigger than a blush brush in size. You should be able to apply blush and contour and powder with it (only for powder-based products).


Applying foundation with your fingers is a big no-no! If you do, then you’ll inevitably slather on more than you need, and it’ll appear uneven. Sponges are best to apply foundation. Using a sponge, you can dab foundation on with control and sponges are relatively gentle on your skin.


Use a cotton puff (not a cotton ball) to apply powder to set your marvellous made-up face. With a cotton puff, you can press the powder on your face evenly while also pushing the pigment of your makeup into your skin. Press it gently; don’t smear it.


It’s a rare woman who doesn’t need tweezers, and not just to tailor eyebrows. Women tend to get a little moustache or a little more facial fuzz as they age and tweezers are a tried-and-true way to pluck out unwanted hair on the face.


An eyelash curler is an essential tool for women who have straight eyelashes. It curves eyelashes upward to show off your beautiful eyes. Just remember, to use the curler before you apply mascara.


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