Travel Buff On The Go


 Gone are the days when you would travel for a holiday in your tracks or those linen pyjamas. Well thanks to our celebs and their airport spotting in the most stylish attires. This is a place where you notice a celeb’s authentic style. Airport dressing has become a new style statement and they dare not be caught dressed all drab.
When we were putting together these looks (so that you could look like a celeb too) we got really inspired by Freida Pinto. This girl doesn’t only have an impeccable red carpet style but always sets her best foot forward when travelling too.
So these looks are our homage to her oh-so-perfect styling!


Exaggerated Metal Bridge Round Sunglasses (ASOS) – £12
Ballet Pumps (H&M) – £7.99
Maxi Dress (H&M) – £14.99
New Look Crew Neck Cardi (ASOS) – £9.99
Shopper Bag with Pocket (ZARA) – INR 2290


Printed Neoprene Trousers (ZARA) – INR 1690
Frayed Structured Jacket (ZARA) – INR 2990
Striped Tank Top (ZARA) – INR 590
Chic Faux Leather Tote (Forever 21) – INR 1599
River Island Penelope Sunglasses (ASOS) – £12
Ballet Pumps (H&M) – £4


Skinny Trousers (ZARA) – INR 1290
Tank Top (ZARA) – INR 590
Favourite Woven Scarf (Forever 21) – INR 409
Leather Flat Sandals with Tassle Detail (Pull & Bear) – £29.99
Drawstring Bucket Bag (ZARA) – INR 1290
River Island Clubmaster Floral Sunglasses (ASOS) – £13


Soft Floral Woven Joggers (Forever 21) – INR 1500
Tank Top (ZARA) – INR 590
Cardigan with V-Neck (ASOS) – £20
Tennis Plimsolls (Pull & Bear) – £25.99
Leather City Bag with Chains (ZARA) – INR 2290
Flat Top Cat Eye Sunglasses (ASOS) -£12


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