The Lush Indian Palette


 A dash of decadence, a touch of regal, hues of vibrance and yet very contemporary. That’s India Circus for you.
With designs volleying the idiosyncrasies and eccentricities of the royal Indian era, beautifully and impeccably, India Circus entrenches a comfy corner in the home decor quarters of India.

india_1Sultana’s Memories iPad, Rs 999

Autos sprawled over shot glasses, almost psychedelic peacock designs adorning cushion covers, royal kings and queens sitting comfortably on iPad covers, paradisiacal palaces on that jhola bag, all designs converging and floating in a heavenly riot of colours. The best thing is, the products and prints make you feel really cool about your history!


    Peacock Flower Mug, Rs 399 


Legend of Cranes Cushion Cover, Rs 599

With crockery, wall art, stoles and bags, as well as phone covers and notebooks, India Circus produces products galore on its very indigenous palette. Every product is very aesthetic yet simply soothing to your pocket. You might seal a deal for as low as Rs 300, just browse through!


Warli Jhola Bag, Rs 799

Started by award-winning artist and designer Krsna Mehta, India Circus delivers its products within India and worldwide. It has tied up with domestic retail bigwigs, including @home and Westside. It plans to launch its very first flagship store, in Mumbai later this year.


Chromatic Rick Tie, Rs 699

The Hanger Tales recommends this old-wine-in-a-new-bottle brand to the desi at heart and quirky at mind, join the circus and revel in joy!


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