Hair Brush Essentials


Imagine a painting brush in a painter’s hand and he doesn’t know what to do with it!
Hairstyling is also like an art which can leave you equally confused.
You might have wondered why various kinds of brushes are used while styling your hair? Which hairbrush does what?
There is no need to fear the army of brushes available in the markets because we are here to your rescue.
And we will simplify this difficult code for you.


These brushes work best for normal to thicker hair.
They combine the benefit of boar bristles intermingled with nylon quills that help detangle rough and coarse hair.


As the name suggests, these brushes have vents so that air isn’t trapped and can pass through.
They are mostly used for short hairstyles, as they quicken the process and helps to ensure that the hair isn’t over dried.


They come in both paddle or round shapes and are very effective at creating and enhancing texture.
It works great when you want to create volume and can be excellently used as a setting brush too.


These are multi-purpose brushes. They aid in brushing out the thick tangles hair and also help in managing frizzy hair by keeping the cuticles flat.
They are generally large, flat and wide.
They are also useful for massaging the scalp and stimulating it by increasing blood circulation.
Small ones are useful for getting into tight areas like behind ears and for styling bangs.


A teasing brush again helps in adding volume while back combing hair.
It is mostly as a replacement to a comb especially when the hair is very delicate and there is a high of it breaking easily.

brush_2-01 - Copy

The flat oval brush helps in stimulating the scalp and dispersing the natural oils of the hair throughout the scalp.
It creates loads of shine and is even used for brushing out your curls and waves.


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