Unique Beauty Secrets Revealed


Since childhood we have been listening to our mothers and grandmothers talk about their beauty tricks, which at times sound totally ridiculous and at others sound too good to be true.
But sometimes the most unexpected things can make the biggest difference in your beauty routine.
We’ve rounded up a few of our favourite whacky beauty tricks that will keep you as beauty-full as ever.
So go ahead and get gorgeous!


We all know that coffee is the key ingredient to kick start your day.
Who imagined it can also help you in getting rid of your cellulite.
The caffeine in coffee grounds helps in skin cells stimulation when applied as a scrub. They also help in getting rid of the dead skin.


Want to see magic on your skin? Just apply Gelusil or Digene on your face and see it for yourself.
It tightens the skin, shrinks pores and dries out zits.
All you have to do is use two tablespoons and let it dry for 20 minutes.
Then rinse with plain water.


Have you been worried about that awful amount of hair fall?
What if we say hot pepper sauce can make your hair grow faster. Wondering how?
Cayenne pepper has been a home remedy for many years. It is believed that it not only helps improve blood circulation to the scalp but also in the lengthening of hair.
In case you try this, the trick is to apply it on your entire scalp.


Don’t throw that mayonnaise away even if you are on a strict diet.
Mayonnaise is a good deep conditioner for hair.
It might not be good for that awesome body of yours, but the fat and oils in mayonnaise condition damaged hair follicles by coating them with oil.
You can use your blow dryer which would help the heat activate the mayonnaise even more.


Do you know, Teri Hatcher (of the Desperate Housewives fame) adds red wine to her bath to soften her skin?
We all know that red wine is full of antioxidants that we know are beneficial for our overall health.
But who knew when added to bathing water it gives you supple skin too.


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