Best Kept Jewellery Secret


Anyone with a liking for jewellery will find it hard to walk straight past this corner.

Well, we were pulled right in to check out the store as the jewellery on the display window caught our fancy. Located in a tiny nook in Hauz Khas Village, Dang is a jewellery store that offers designs that are easy on the eyes and pleasing to the soul.


Each of the pieces is tastefully designed and the range is quite feminine. The entire collection can crave the wants of young college-going girls as well as working women. As you would walk in and take a closer look, you would also notice that most of the designs in the collection are inspired by nature and comprise of birds, butterflies, leaves and flowers.


The jewellery here is predominantly gold-plated with an array of colourful stones in shades of pink, blue, orange and black. They have an exclusive rack of silver-plated pieces too. And you will get everything from rings, earrings, neckpieces and bangles.


The store is conceptualized and the crafting of each piece is done by accomplished jewellery designer duo Pia and Alia Dang.

Our first question to each other was ‘what would the price range be.’  Well, you need not worry as this store is quite pocket-friendly. We figured that the price range of the jewellery pieces here starts from INR 300 and goes up to INR 2500. The affordability factor seems to have been taken in consideration while creating each piece of jewellery.


The entire range serves as a perfect gift as it’s easy on your pocket and the jewellery is exclusive. They also have gift certificates, which are the best gifting solutions.
Needless to say, that by the end each one of us went on a buying spree for our sisters, moms and of course ourselves.
Go drop in at Dang and share your experience with us.

And here’s our special mention for their packaging. We’re sure you’ll also fall in love with their handmade paper bag and pink tissues and how your priced possession lies in the centre of this luxury.


No. 24/2,
Hauz Khas Village,


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