The Little Fashionistas


The other day we were talking about the changed sensibilities of kids these days, which obviously took us to, how aware they are of what
they want in life even where fashion is considered.
So this month we HAD to acknowledge the Most Stylish Celebrity Kids as these little things can put the best of celebrities to shame and at such a young age
(most of them haven’t even crossed junior school!). They have their signature style and don’t ever go wrong with their look.

celeb kids_3

David & Victoria Beckham

She is the youngest in the fashionable Beckham household. Harper herself is a mini fashionista. She takes her style cues from her designer mother.
Her style is incomplete without pretty dresses, leggings, booties and head bands with bows.

celeb kids_7
Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes

She is yet another icon in the making. Suri’s style is very girly and easy going. Whatever look she goes in for ‘pink’ is an essential in all her looks.
Her other style essentials are floral/stripped dresses, coats, leggings of different colours, purses, hat and head bands.

celeb kids_2
Orlando Bloom & Miranda Kerr

This trendy little tot gets his boyish casual style from his dad.
His style basics are denim and bright colours. His style essentials are coloured/printed pants, cool shoes and caps.

 celeb kids_
Jay-Z & Beyonce Knowles

If you thought that Beyonce and Jay-Z are the coolest couple then you really haven’t seen Blue.
Hours after her birth she featured in her dad’s music video and her parents have trademarked her name. That is how privileged she is!
Her style essentials are teeny tiaras, customised Tom Ford heels, Jay-Z tour mini T-shirts.

celeb kids_4
Wayne Rooney & Coleen Rooney

He might be the son of one of the most popular football player but Kai’s interests lie in fashion, theatre and photo-bombing his little brother’s pics.
This one takes after his mother for his love for fashion. He’s not just in vogue but also carries the right attitude with every look.
The essentials of his wardrobe are jackets and scarves.

celeb kids_8
Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie

Shiloh has an unconventional and tomboyish style.
She likes to dress up like her brother Maddox and is seen a lot in his hand me downs.
She has a short pixie, likes combat boots and enjoys playing with swords.
Her style essentials are ties, T-shirts, pants and track suits.

celeb kids_6
Scott Disick & Kourtney Kardashian

Mason is always dapperly dressed and also sometimes coordinates his looks with that of his father.
He is always in sync with the latest trends and the coolest gear be it limited edition trainers or classy jackets.
His closet essentials are loafers, shorts, relaxed T-shirts and hats.

celeb kids_5
Matthew Broderick & Sarah Jessica Parker

Style is hereditary here and these twin girls get it from their mother.
They can layer better than any other celeb kid and enjoy wearing bright colours.
They also have an innate ability to accessorise. Their closet essentials are ballerinas, bright dresses and accessories.



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