Make-up at Affordable Price


During one of my candid conversations with the girls, we realised that make-up does not come very easily to them. It’s like they hit a road block when they have to dress up for a wedding or a party.

Many girls don’t even know the basics of make-up, let alone the detailed use of products.
So, we decided to build a ‘Little Black Book’ of make-up essentials for all you beginners.
Well you can thank us later!
And always remember: LESS is MORE.
(But before we start, make sure you know what type of skin you have-normal, oily or dry-as products would be useful only if they are bought according to your skin type)


Ever dreamt of skin like Emma Stone or Scarlet Johansson? Porcelain like, smooth and clear.
Well, foundation can get you closer to that dream. However, for beginners, we would recommend choosing a tinted moisturizer over foundation.
Applying foundation incorrectly can make your skin look cakey and enhance your pores. Also, choosing a wrong colour will not create a perfect coverage, instead will look more like a mask.

Lotus Tinted Moisturizer: INR 495 / Oriflame Very Me Peach Perfect Skin Glow: INR 329


Remember ladies, the best way to attract attention when you walk into a room is with your beautiful eyes!
And kohl is the holy grail that helps you do that. Always go for a smudge-proof one as it will stay longer. Coloured kohls add a nice touch to the face and are girly and fun.
Kohl can be your best friend, no wonder Bollywood has dedicated so many songs to it (Well, who can forget the sultry Aishwarya in Kajarare).

Lakme Eyeconic: INR 199 / Maybelline Colossal: INR 175 / L’oreal Magique: INR 245


Long hail the mighty man who discovered MASCARA – the magic wand.
This little magic wand gives you more definition and instantly makes you look like a diva with long and thick eyelashes.
It is one last finishing touches for perfectly done eyes and without it, our eyes feel practically naked.

Lakme Eyeconic : INR 250 / Maybelline Colossal : INR 330


 A new study has proven that men are more interested in a woman’s lips than any other part of the body. (Woohoo! We are glad as that makes it fairly easy for us girls)
Lipstick/Lip gloss is the most fun part about make-up and finding the right lipstick shade is like finding the right man.
Applying a bright shade will instantly make you look more put together and peppy.
And when complete, check your teeth just in case!

Maybelline MATTE: INR 375 / Maybelline COLORsensational Lip Gloss: INR 350 / Lakme 9 to 5 Lipsticks: INR 400


Here is a secret weapon which has power to knock years off your face. A blush can give you that to-die-for rosy glow and define your cheekbones.
A lot of women tend to go wrong with the blush. They choose a colour which is a shade too dark for their complexion and they tend to over apply.

Maybelliene Dream Mousse Blush: INR 375 / Color Bar Touch & Blush: INR 499 / Coloressence Blusher: INR 250

Make Up Remover / Wipes

Let’s face it, the last thing you feel like doing after getting home late is taking off your make-up (kicking off your high heels is the first priority).
Make-up removers are as essential to the entire regime as these fancy kohls and lip glosses.
Sleeping with your make-up is biggest beauty mistake. However, wipes are quick and easy option but liquid removers last for long.


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